You Oughta Be Congratulated!

What would you do with a redeemable voucher of, let’s say, $11,000 per year, to be used for your child’s education? Would you stay with the school your child currently attends? Or would you [...]

Genuine Partnerships

In my workshops, I’m constantly asked: “What’s the best approach to stop parents questioning the learning and teaching taking place in schools?” It’s the wrong question. Parents have every right [...]

A Sprinkle Of Difference

My Christmas tree is like no other in the world – it’s authentic. I’ve collected ornaments from places like Santa’s Workshop on the Arctic Circle, Times Square New York, Kathmandu and hundreds of [...]

Hold Back the Creep

What would you do if you heard schools were taking children from their parents? It sounds like an outrageous question, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, it’s one I would like you to take seriously. Every [...]