Reality: Yours, mine, ours!

Cast your mind back to 2001, to one of the most heartbreaking events of recent times – the attacks of September 11. Where were you when you heard the news? How did it affect you? I was in New [...]

A Sprinkle Of Difference

My Christmas tree is like no other in the world – it’s authentic. I’ve collected ornaments from places like Santa’s Workshop on the Arctic Circle, Times Square New York, Kathmandu and hundreds of [...]

To be of Service

The joy of festive gatherings is meeting interesting people. I recently met a first responder – a fireman. We spent time comparing workplace experiences and were intrigued by a particular [...]


Isn’t it remarkable that as educationists in the 21st century we have the honour of combining the wisdom of philosophers and views of protagonists from previous centuries, with what we have [...]

Come to the Edge

Do motivational quotes interest you? I have to admit, I’m a bit taken by them. Having read hundreds, there is one in particular that I am fond of: ‘Come to the edge,’ he said. [...]